From Dirt to Greatness

Wine flavor is mostly influenced by climate and the terrain where the vine is grown. A vine is a grape plant. The vine that produces grapes for wine is called Vitis vinifera. It is a strong plant with long roots that go very deep into the ground. They could go as deep as 9 feet in depth and grow very tall, very fast, up to 114 feet in height. To make great wine the grower has to make sure the vine concentrates on its grape production. In order to do that, it is made to suffer. This sounds crazy, I know, but when the plant is made to feel stress it puts all its energy on the flower and later the fruit. How is this accomplished? By very clever trimming of leaves and little irrigation. Now back to the soil, when the root has to go deep to get water and nutrients, it concentrates them and shoots them up to the trunk and finally to the grape clusters. The result is wine that tastes like the soil it is grown in. The most famous wines come from great soil. For example: in France: Aube region in Champagne, Chablis in Burgundy and Sancerre in eastern Loire Valley, these regions have a very characteristic soil called KimmeridgianThis is a type of limestone from the Jurassic era.

For my complete list of soil types, comment on my blog or write to and I will be happy to share it with you.

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