New2Wine is your go to site for simple and objective information about the wine world for “new to wine” people, so you can become familiar with wine or further advance your basic wine education in a fun way. As a Certified Sommelier I will share information in my blog that will help you develop your own “get started guide” so you can enjoy wine correctly from the first day and not feel threatened by big words and intricate explanations. This BLOG is also about teaching what I know and learning new things together, to further advance my own knowledge and help me keep things fresh. For more information, please write an email to or

Services provided:

  • Wine Tasting and Food Paring
    • Private or Corporate Events
  • Basic Wine Education
    • Presentations for special events at corporations, business meetings, wine enthusiasts associations, restaurant personnel training
  • Assistance to restaurants or private wine enthusiasts on:
    • Wine List Making
    • Training personnel on proper service and storage of wine
    • Detect wine defects
  • Information & Contacts regarding Wine Distributors in PR