Great Finds under $20

CHOOSE LANGUAGE AT BOTTOM OF FRONT PAGE. Louis Latour Domaine Valmoissine is a wine from Burgundy, France, more specifically from Beaune, Cote de Nuits, Borgogne (Burgundy), France. Why is this important? First of all because in that region the place where the grapes are grown determines the level of quality of the wine. Second of all, the only red grape grown there is Pinot Noir. With this wine in particular both statements are not as important. Why? This is an IGP-VDP wine, (Indication Geographique Protegee-Vin de Pays). In France there are rules for wine growing/harvesting established by INAO, which is a very strict government agency. When a wine is labeled IGP-VDP the rules are less strict for the grower/producer. They can harvest larger yields and label the varietal grape on the label. This is beneficial for consumers from the New World, like us, because we get better clarity about the wine on the label and pricing will be good because the producer could harvest more grapes. The quality will suffer a little but the value is still very good in most regions. SIGHT(+1): Ruby, NOSE(+1): powerful nose of red cherry & raspberry, PALATE(0.5): low tannins, medium/high acidity, light body. FLAVOR(+1): tart raspberry minerality BALANCE/LENGTH/COMPLEXITY (0); RATING 3.5

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