Wine Term of the Week

Bordeaux & Bourgogne terms to make it easier to understand French wine. Chateau: a country house where wine is made in Bordeaux. Clos: enclosed, walled vineyard in Burgundy, used to protect the grapes from theft. Each parcels could belong to a different person. Climats: small individual plots that have a particular microclimate. In Bordeaux it is called Terroir….

Wine term of the Week

Tannins are one of the 5 most important characteristics of wine, remember the others? acid, fruit, body, sweetness. In nature, tannins are plant building blocks that protect, preserve and defend the plant from predators. In general, tannins belong to a group of compounds called phenols. Phenols aka tannins are the reason red wine is an…

Educate your Sense of Taste.

The third part of wine tasting takes place in the palate and it evaluates the wine’s structure and flavor. While we swirl the wine in our mouth, we should put our nasopharynges to work. This can be done by aspiring some air inside the mouth before swallowing the wine. New flavors and smells appear, specially if…

Wine Term of the Week

There are 5 basic wine characteristics, building blocks of wine: tannins, acids, body, fruit, sweetness. Today I will talk about ACIDS. Acidity is important for imparting structure to the wine, making it crisp and refreshing. It also gives wine its aging capability. Wines that are acidic tend to go better, to pair better with food….

Wine Term of the Week

LENGTH & FINISH: Length is a tasting term to describe how long the taste stays on your palate after taking a sip of wine. It is measured in seconds and it can be short/medium or long. A long finish means that the flavor of the wine lingered for at least 8 seconds. If it was elegant…