Wine Term of the Week

There are 5 basic wine characteristics, building blocks of wine: tannins, acids, body, fruit, sweetness. Today I will talk about ACIDS. Acidity is important for imparting structure to the wine, making it crisp and refreshing. It also gives wine its aging capability. Wines that are acidic tend to go better, to pair better with food. To get an idea of how to taste acidity in wine, think of the sensation you feel when drinking a lemonade without sugar. In the palate it is usually felt in the middle of the tongue. Wines from colder regions tend to be more acidic, ex. Riesling from Germany, than wines from hotter regions, ex. Shiraz from Australia.

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  1. Jeannette says:

    Very interesting, the way the acidity of the wine alters food pairing positevely.


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