Bottles to Impress

I recently went to a wine tasting at Vistas Restaurant in Ponce. We tasted wines from Pio Cesare winery. It was hosted by Horreo de V Suarez and given by one of the owners of the winery, Pio Boffa, 4th generation winemaker and grandson of Pio Cesare. This made it extra fun. Thanks to El Horreo de V Suarez, their sommelier Gregory & my friends Sarail & Jennifer, owners of Vistas Restaurant. Pio Cesare wines are being made since 1881 in a region of Piedmont called Alba. This is located in northern Italy. The wines are superb because this is the best region for Nebbiolo grape and the vineyard is planted in beautiful hillsides. They get the perfect sun/cool balance as well as incredible soil quality. The family takes great care in their viticulture practices since their vineyards are in Barolo & Barbaresco DOCG (Denominazione de origine controllata e garantita). This means they have to follow strict rules regarding yields, choosing the right grapes, etc. The surprise of the night was the Barbera d’Alba Fides. This is a simpler wine, made from Barbera grape. I liked it because of its straight forward delivery of flavor, spice and long lasting taste. Since it is not pretentious, you can have it with pizza or a simple pasta dish. Afterwards we tried the Barolo Ornato DOCG, made of Nebbiolo grape. We accompanied this wine with an ossobucco dish. Drinking wine flights is a great way to really understand why good wines are great. It lets you get a better sense of the depth and complexity of wine, especially if you go from lighter to stronger wines. (Flights: tasting 3 or wines, one glass after the other).