New & Trendy Drinks

MICHELADA. This is a Mexican prepared beer, cerveza preparada. The basic mix is your preferred Mexican beer plus Clamato, lime juice, spices and pepper. I do not add spices nor pepper because that is my personal preference. Other optional ingredients are maggi sauce, Worcestershire sauce, chamoy powder or serrano peppers. This beer mix is best taken on a hot, beach day or as a snack between meals. Some people in Mexico belief this is the best cure for a hangover. It is best served in a chilled, salt-rimmed tall glass or beer mug. My personal suggestion for the best type beer to use is a pale lager. Lagers tend to be a little on the lighter side in terms of both color and flavor and are more carbonated. Examples: Medalla, Modelo, Corona, Perroni, Budweiser, Miller, Foster’s, Sapporo etc. ENJOY!

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